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We are proud to announce that RealAcquisitions.Com is launching the much awaited “1-Click Marketing Websites” for our registrants. This is feature is at no additional cost to our registrants.

What are Marketing Pages ?

With so many Real Estate deals floating around, it is important for investors to be able to market their properties in such a way that sets them apart as professionals. RealAcquisitions.Com has now made available tools that can be used to create state of the art looking websites to market properties.

What will be different about RealAcquisitions.Com Marketing pages ?

What is the biggest problem with most wholesale/marketing material for Real Estate deals ? – Most of them have garbage and unverifiable information. People often put inflated numbers without providing any industry recognized way to validate numbers. Using our pages:
1. You can add MLS SOLD, RENTAL and ACTIVE comps – these add tremendous value to your pages since MLS is the best indicator of true market value
2. You can immediately post the property on FaceBook & Twitter – allowing instant access to your social network. The post will be shared instantaneously with tonnes of visitors to RealAcquisitions FaceBook page.
3. You can generate marketing material to share the page with someone via email if you wish.
4) You can also print the flyer to hand to other investors during networking meetings.

It’s just another example of our never ending efforts to give RE investors more tools to succeed.

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